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How to clean plastic placemats?

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        1. Cotton rope placemat Wash and dry after each use. Use disinfectant to freshen it every few days. Wash thoroughly when using disinfectant.
        2. When drying with a machine, the temperature must be kept at about 40 degrees Celsius.
        3. It is best to use natural air to dry, do not wring dry by hand, so as to avoid wrinkles.
        The placemat itself has the function of anti-scalding and anti-slip, which can well protect the tabletop of the restaurant. Secondly, the placemats are of different colors and shapes. They are also used to decorate the tabletops, coffee tables, etc., embellish the monotonous restaurant atmosphere, and are a must-have item for the family. , Different materials of placemats have different functions:

Straw placemat

   One, cotton placemat
   advantages: easy to clean, good heat insulation
The placemat made of pure cotton fabric has strong water absorption, the material is soft and fits the table well, effectively controls the heat of the tableware, and quickly protects the table. Moreover, the cotton cloth is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about pilling and silk loss. .
  Second, hemp placemat
Advantages: Durable and insect-proof, a good partner for solid wood dining tables. As the name suggests, hemp placemats are made of hemp material. The placemats of this material are very durable and have a long service life. At the same time, they have the effect of preventing insects and moths, which can extend the dining table. Service life.