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The pp placemat manufacturer explained the reason why the su

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         The quality distribution levels of particles on the market, especially recycled plastic particles, are uneven. The reasons for this are generally as follows.
         1. The problem of raw materials. The whiteness of recycled plastic particles from some factories seems to be very good, but the quality is not as good as some of the poor colors, mainly due to the addition of a large amount of bleaching agent.


          2. The processing methods of the raw materials are different. The raw materials need to be cleaned and heated. Some machines have unbalanced heating, and the natural flatness is not good.
          3. The impact of the cutter head of the pelletizer, some pelletizers do not cut quickly, resulting in uneven surface.
          4. Cooling rate: The plastic particles must be cooled quickly after they are formed, otherwise they are extremely easy to deform. Therefore, it must be cooled immediately in a relatively short time.