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PP meal mat manufacturer takes you to understand the recycling and regeneration methods of recycled

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       The main methods for plastic recycling include melting regeneration, thermal cracking, energy recovery, recycling of chemical raw materials, and other methods.
       (1) Melt regeneration is a method of reheating and plasticizing waste plastics for reuse. From the source of waste plastics, this method can be further divided into two categories: first, the recycling of clean waste plastics from resin factories and processing plants; The second is the recycling and regeneration of various plastic products mixed together after use. The former is called pure regeneration, which can produce plastic products with better performance; The latter is called composite regeneration, which can generally only prepare plastic products with relatively poor performance requirements, and the recycling and regeneration process is relatively complex.


       (2) The thermal cracking method is the process of producing combustion fuel oil and fuel gas from selected waste plastics through thermal cracking.
       (3) Energy recovery is a method of utilizing the heat generated during the combustion of waste plastics.
       (4) Recycling chemical raw materials, some varieties of plastics, and adding polyurethane can obtain raw material monomers for synthesis through hydrolysis. This is a method of recycling waste plastics into chemical raw materials through chemical decomposition.
       (5) In addition to the above recycling methods of waste plastics, there are also various ways to use waste plastics, such as comminuting waste polystyrene foamed plastics and mixing them into the soil to improve the water retention, aeration and drainage of the soil, or mixing them with cement as fillers to make lightweight concrete, or adding adhesives to press them into cushion materials.