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What are the differences and advantages of fabric placemats

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          Plastic placemats and coasters were originally made of fabric materials, but later extended to pvc, pp, pe, silicone materials and so on!
          But to be honest, cloth materials are still good among these materials. However, as consumers like and continue to pursue new shapes and effects, in many cases, cloth materials cannot meet the needs of consumers. In the end, they have to choose more materials. It is one of the reasons, many factors are not the effects and defects that the cloth art can't do!

Plastic placemat

          The basic functions of the placemat can be anti-scalding, non-slip, embellishment and decoration. The placemat can not only protect the dining table, but also with elegant and unique patterns, it is definitely a wonderful combination of nature and beauty. The placemat is enough to melt the monotonous atmosphere of the room! A comfortable tea drinking corner and hand-made desserts make the small space more comfortable and cozy lace placemat decoration. At this time, the table top reflects the role of embellishment. The lace-like petals and the clear willow seem to be the lover’s crimson cheeks. The placemats are colorful to create a warm atmosphere....The placemats use it to set up the tabletop to meet the mood, colorful and colorful to make the dining table change and adjust the atmosphere, and then put some tableware on the tabletop to set off the overall color coordination of the space, so It is more beautiful and noble. Although it is only a small accessory, even an ordinary space may change its monotony because of the decoration of the placemat.